Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm looking into going back to college

I'm probably crazy to even be thinking about this. But I never finished college. I did one year of a music major at AUC with NOTHING that can be accepted here in BC for credits. God knows - I sure tried back in 1995! So once here, I went to UCFV and have a 2 year business administration diploma that I finished in 1997. I'm only short one class towards having my accounting minor. I've done a few upper level business classes already.

I've been thinking about going back. Next year will be 10 years since I graduated. I was asked 3 times last weekend if I'm a college student and I'm taking that as a sign. While I feel my brain has turned to mush, I'm not dumb and it's not going to get less mushy staying afraid of going back.

Can we afford it? I think one class at a time will be manageable. If I decide to go for more than that we have a line of credit and I could get a student loan.

Since I'm not working, Allan can claim my educational expenses on his taxes. I can't count on being a SAHM forever. Not if we want to send OUR kids to SDA academy for high school and to ANY college. Not if Allan ever lost his job or become ill, disabled, or even die. I can't assume he will be around and able to support us all forever. A degree would at least be a starting point for getting a job, especially with being out of the work force for so long.

I know before Christmas I was talking about getting a part time job in the evenings. But I've run the numbers and it's not worth it for me to go back to work. It would end up costing us more. I ran tons of numbers.

Our housing charges here at the co-op are income indexed. We would lose the child tax benefit with me working part time. And if I worked, Allan couldn't claim my personal exemption on his taxes. So now I'm thinking my going back to school part-time would make more sense than going to work part time.

So today I e-mailed the UCFV business department asking if my Business Admininistration diploma from 1997 would still count towards a Bachelor of Business Administration. It's been almost 10 years since I graduated so I don't know if they will count anything anymore. I also was asking if it's possible to finish with night classes or part time. Then I filled out an online form at Kwantlen college for more information (I don't know how well my stuff would transfer though).

I know I must be certifiably insane. But I really feel like I should actually get a college degree now that the twins are finally sleeping through the night most of the time. Now that my kids are starting to be in school. I'll have three in school next year.

Oh and out of all the 3rd and 4th year business courses, I see Calculus. I got a C- in college math (the pre-requisite) 11 years ago the SECOND time through it ...... everything else doesn't look that bad.

But it depends on scheduling if it's going to be possible to go part time or not. Allan said if I do go ahead with this, it might make sense to move closer to the college. We'll see. I'm just in the info gathering stage now and not necessarily even looking for this coming September. It might not be for another year. But I need to know at least what will count and what won't. I don't want to live the rest of my life as a college drop-out.


Mama Bird said...

Very appropriate photos, those; it'll be a balancing act, for sure!

And you are not a college drop-out -- you do have a degree, after all...even if it isn't the last one you'll ever earn...

Cheryl said...

Well - It's been too long to transfer most of the credits to anywhere BUT UCFV. UCFV will accept completion of their business admin diploma WITHIN the last 10 years. I got my diploma in 1997. I have less than a year to get accepted back in and from that point would have 7 years to finish while maintaining a certain GPA. With a maximum number of courses repeated of 5 - I've already repeated one and might have to repeat college math I if I can't test out of BC math 12 as I got a C- in it in 1997. I'm also missing a math pre-requisite. (can test out of it - but since I"ve never taken the class - THAT will take some doing - guess I know what I"m going to be doing this summer...brushing up on math!).

Cheryl said...

The other scary thing here is that really the deadline passed several months ago for fall 2006 - so it's "only if there is space" and admission is on a "competitive basis" now. Meeting admistion requirements (which I don't - needing a higher grade in college math I, missing college math II - the two together making up Math 12 basically - which I also never had). Oh well - application getting faxed over tomorrow and we will have to wait and see if it's meant to be or not.

Sunny said...

You've clearly been doing your "homework" about it. Does Canada have something like a CPA? They can make some good bucks part-time, evenings, from the home etc. Since you're into crunching numbers....