Sunday, November 21, 2004

Melissa Loves parties

Melissa loves parties
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You can tell from the grin. Maddy and Michael took a while to get into things - but soon were racing around with all the other screaming children. The take from night's bash includes 4 noisemakers, 3 party hats, 5 balloons (only 3 of which made it home), one paper bag of candy, 2 figurines, 3 whistles and a small top. Plus 5 hyper - sugared up children. It took until 10pm to get all five to sleep.


Gail said...

Melissa got a haircut!

Cheryl said...

Melissa's was the most dramatic, but I also trimmed Maddy's bangs, Michael's hair and my own.

Loriliey said...

o, she's adorable!
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