Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Autumn Leaves

I am going to be closeted into meetings all this week, so I really won't get to enjoy the end of autumn's glory like Cheryl and the kids did today.

Autumn Adventurers

I heard that they were having such a good time that Cheryl had to resort to a ruse to get them to leave the playground.

Cheryl: "It's time to go kids!"

Chorus: "Awwwwww! We're not ready to go yet."

Cheryl: "We have to go because we're going to be doing a leaf craft at home today."

Chorus: "A craft! Yay! With leaves!"

I am told that the children collected leaves with great enthusiasm and told everyone they met on the way back, "We're taking these leaves home to make a craft!"

I got to see their handiwork on the fridge this evening and it was very good indeed.

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