Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day!

Snow day!
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The kids had their first snow day yesterday after a storm dumped 29-53 cm of snow over the lower mainland over the weekend and through Monday morning.

Uncle Alvin stuck around for the snow day and helped Michael build a big snowman/jabba-the-snow-hutt in the back yard complete with carrot nose. Uncle Alvin also helped the kids build a snow jump for the sleds and a "snow mountain" in the front yard and the kids pestered both of us for endless rides around the yard on the sleds.

The surprise of the snowstorm was that the twins LOVE playing outside in the snow - they got into the action with snowball rights, sled rides and even their summer beach toys.

Maddy and Melissa enjoyed playing outside as well - but they decided not to go out again in the afternoon - but to stay curled up with books in the living room in front of the TV. Melissa is currently reading through the Chronicles of Narnia on her OWN!

Besides playing outside - the kids got to enjoy the traditional "snow day" activities:plenty of hot chocolate, fresh chocoloate chip cookies, movies to watch, and even making Christmas oranments and pictures using copious amounts of glitter. For the first time ever, Melissa was sad to have to go to school this morning.


Anonymous said...

Woo! Snow! As far as I know Toronto has none, although I'm not there now. Pennsylvania doesn't have snow yet, either, it's been pretty warm and dry here. That said, Friday could be a snow day.

Looks like the kidlets are have mucho funness, especially The Uncle.

By the way, you should be receiving a box from Toronto maybe early next week. DO NOT OPEN SAID BOX IN THE PRESENCE OF WEE'UNS. Not everything is wrapped, and there is no manifest. Instructions will follow, then will self-destruct.

Cheryl said...

We will let you know when the package arrives, will keep it un-opened until we receive the instructions. It's helpful now that 3 out of 5 M's are out of the house when the mail comes - packages are more easily hidden from them.

Mama Bird said...

Oh, such happy kidlets!

Such fun...snow that comes complete with a "bigger playmate"!

It looks like you're getting our weather, though, and we've been getting yours!

Anonymous said...

That second paragraph I wrote is completely unintelligible. I think I was trying to multitask, unsuccessfully.

Anyways, yes, it's better just to hold onto the box unopened for now. There will probably be another box to come, but not until I'm back in Toronto.