Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We're Home!

Hello everyone. It's been quiet for a while here on our blog, but things haven't been quiet for us. We've been away adventuring, but we're home now and ready to start posting about our travels.

I started writing this up last night, but our internet was down and blogger is having problems again. Grr!

We actually got home on Monday night around 10 pm from our latest long-weekend adventure in Washington state. Before that we spent the first three weeks of July in Maine visiting with Cheryl's family.

This past weekend was a long weekend in most of Canada. We made the most of our time off by heading down across the border to visit a spot on the map that none of us has ever been to before: the outer-coast of Washington state. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view of the adventure map.

Where we went


Mama Bird said...

Wow, based on the photos, it looks like quite the adventure! I confess to being rather envious--someday we hope to explore that region, also.

I love that pic of all your "duckies" at the base of the lighthouse.

Mama Bird said...

Forgot to put the link the the "Duckies" photo: