Friday, August 11, 2006

Fire and smoke

Drying shoes by the fire
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While having an actual campfire with 5 small children was - how shall I put it? interesting? challenging?downright terrifying at times! - the kids LOVED it.


They loved sitting next to it, adding sticks to the fire, roasting marshmallows, hot dogs and even toast over it. They just didn't like the smoke and the smoke got into EVERYTHING. We've been back quite a while and despite my best bathing and laundry efforts - every now and then I STILL catch a whiff of that wood smoke smell here at home.

Looking for coals

Out of all our children the FIRE made the biggest imrpession on the twins - esp Maribeth - Maribeth who was the most intrigued with the fire and the least scared of it. Melissa and Maddy kept a healthy distance back but for the twins and Michael the campfire was probably the highlight of the whole camping trip. We didn't get any photos on the campout of Maribeth - a tiny 2 year old who looks more like 1 year old holding a stick up with the end in flames and proudly proclaiming "I have FIRE!"

(ACK - heart attack!)

Get yer stick in

Yesterday morning - it was a little chilly and I was getting Maribeth and Megan dressed for the day.

Maribeth said,"I cold", then looked around her own room and said, "OH NO - NO FIRE!"

Megan chimed in with, "Mama - Daddy forgot to make the fire."

Maribeth adding in, "need to make fire in ROOM."

By the fire

"Oh no - no fires in your room, no fires in the house."

Both twins pouted at me, "but I want fire."

Then Maribeth piped up with her next idea, "I have IDEA! We have fire at de WATERSLIDE."

Fire - right up there with the waterslide - the waterslide at Aquaboggin in Maine we've heard about everyday. Fire is right up there with the waterslide for Maribeth - whatever have we unleashed??


Jo said...

Those are such great pictures. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry I haven't visited in awhile but I think of you guys often. I can't believe how big those kids are getting and they are all so beautiful.

Cheryl- I still love your hair and in case I didn't tell you when you first got it cut... you look fine (aka hawt) girl! ;)

BTW- you can delete the Onorach link. I took that blog down.

Cheryl said...

thanks Jo! I deleted the Onorach link. I know I haven't visited your blogs in a while either - I'm just not keeping up with people online so well these days- but do still think of you often.x