Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Scenes from Mother's Day Weekend

These days Cheryl is neck-deep in math problems, but she managed to dig her way out long enough to look absolutely smashing in the picture above and enjoy very brief Mother's Day interlude. Then it was back into the hurry and scurry of life with the M's.

The kids made gifts at school. Melissa decorated a little clay planting pot and brought home a petunia in it.

Our visit to Crescent Beach was not quite as relaxed as this picture belies. Those twins headed for the horizons as soon as we turned our heads.

Chores completed on Sunday:

laundry started
pancake & french toast breakfast
mother's day gifts presented
toiletries and stuff at the drug store
bread (and other goodies) at the discount bread store
pick-up bark-muulch, marigolds, sprinkler, edging, and some lilac bushes at home & garden store
weekly grocery shopping
groceries put away
post-lunch clean-up
laundry continued
bathrooms cleaned
vacuuming done
receipts entered and reviewed against budget
mulch deposited on beds near back fence (which was painted Friday)
windows cleaned
garage clutter sorted and put away
edging installed around front bed
marigolds planted
lilacs planted
sprinkler set to water-in new plants
post-supper clean-up
grubby children bathed


Mama Bird said...

Wow, impressive list!

Sunny said...

I understand if there isn't as much blogging these days.