Sunday, May 28, 2006

I survived the year-end dance recital!

Melissa in the Green Room
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The recital ate our whole day: from starting to get ready at 8am until finally getting home just before 6 pm! I have successfully survived the dance recital insanity at Clarke Theatre in Mission. There were long waits between rehearsal slots, applying make-up to two very wiggly little girls, and two costume changes for each girl. Yeah, two. In addition to Maddy's Kinderdance bear costumes and Melissa's musical theatre school girl outfit, the studio added (now I really feel OLD!) a "retro-80's" grand finale number which included every class the studio ran this year.

Dancing Bears

I was not the studio parent of the year as my girls were NOT dressed as mini-Cyndi Lauper's like most of the other little girls (dancing to "Girls just wanna have fun").... We missed the last class before the recital and all I heard was "80's outfits" for the finale. Given the liqui-poo and house of hurling situations in the house this last week, I didn't have time to do anything fancy.

I put the girls' hair in side pony tails, put hair elastics like wrist bracelents on their wrists. I used leggings and an oversized shirt for Melissa and Maddy wore black leotard/pink tights, but most of the studio girls/moms went all-out for the retro 80's numbers! A classmate shared some giltter hair spray of Melissa's shared some glitter. I was shocked to find myself in a make-up/hairspray sharing situation - that was an odd turn around.

Over all it went well. However, I must curse the "no flash photography and no video" rules. I got no usable photos with no flash and have actually shelled out $50 to order a DVD of the performance so that our distance relatives can see the girls dance. What a racket! I think next year we are going with one of the city Parks and Rec programs because not being allowed to take video clips of ANY of the girls performances for the year left me feeling more than a little put out.


Sunny said...

Well, I think they look great. Certainly cuter than any of the other kids there.

Allan said...

We'll bring along the DVD to the reunion so you all can see 'em. I'm with Cheryl that it is annoying that we were limited in our ability to shoot pictures/video.