Thursday, May 25, 2006

The House of Hurling

Yup. It's chunk city here folks. Consider this log entry #1 of the current edition of Barfarama in the Edwin home.

Some background. One of the first things I learned about Cheryl was that when she is getting sick, her body spontaneously decides that it's a good idea to void the contents of her stomach. Why? No reason in particular. It just feels that when one is woozy the last thing to have on board is food and/or water. To be fair, when I get sick, my lower GI system goes into overdrive. You can take your pick which is more or less disgusting. Melissa, Maribeth, and to some extent Megan, inherited Cheryl's proclivities; Michael and Madeleine, mine. In all cases, it's just not much fun when people here get sick.

Some more background. Michael got a GI bug over the weekend. It was Saturday that Cheryl called me when I was in Victoria that he had thrown up for the first time. We were hoping that it was simply a case of his eating something at school the day before, as one of his classmates had a birthday and their parents had brought in some treat for everyone. Alas, it was not so because Melissa tossed her cookies yesterday too.

We broke out the gravol, but Melissa was pretty much down for the count and stayed home from school today anyhow. As the day wore on Cheryl reported that the twins too were definitely off their game, though no dual-regurgitations have yet been rendered. Madeleine was reported to be just plain grumpy, and she even put herself to bed tonight. Cheryl went to bed pretty much right after supper herself. And me, I'm making sure I have a clear path to the bathroom.

A few minutes ago I heard coughing from upstairs and then a sorrowful sound. I went up to check and Madeleine had indeed deposited some of her supper (chicken noodle soup) on her bed. Sigh. Stay tuned if you dare.


Sunny said...

I am so not going to eat anything at all just to be on the safe side.

Sunny said...

Sure glad I checked in to see what your blogging.