Saturday, May 27, 2006

The House of Hurling - Feats of Daring

Given the recent collective bout of nausea, you'd think we would know better than to try leaving the house. Ha! Cabin fever set in and by this evening we had to get out into the fresh air. So we packed up a schwak of diapers and wipes, spare clothes, sandwiches, and water bottles and got ourselves out the door. Next stop: Crescent Beach.

We stopped at a playground with a picnic table to each our sandwiches. The twins, who were not feeling good, didn't eat much and then got down to play on the equipment. After about an hour, we rounded everyone up to herd them into the van. I spotted a racoon rummaging around in the garbage of one of the houses next to the park. We explained to the children to not approach the racoon, but the message was received somewhat unevenly. Maddy said, "Cute racoon!" Megan turned to her and said, "Bad racoon! Bites!"

We went out to Blackie Spit at the far end of the beach for our walk. The tide was as high as we've ever seen it, and the kids ran out to the end to see what part of the spit was still exposed. Unfortunately, while I was soaking in and photographing all the glories of the evening, Cheryl was stuck with doing her best to keep the twins out of the water. I did catch up to them eventually and Cheryl did get to look around a little, but not until after the twins had walked in up to their ankles and soaked their mocassins (robeez).

This was a lucky shot. I could have tried all afternoon for what happenstance handed me here without my asking.

We've seen quite a few sunsets at Crescent Beach now, but each one is unique. Each one is special in its own way. Tonight was no exception.

The evening light can be quite flattering if you use it correctly. Melissa and Megan were the beneficiaries of this particular evening's blessings.

Anyhow, none of this is to say that we got away completely scot-free from the chunking. I did have to change a couple of foul diapers. We did have to take everyone to the public lavatories (which they finally finished building!). But no one totally destroyed their clothes and we didn't come home reeking of vomit, so we felt completely justified in considering this evening's chunk-defying outing a rousing success!

See the video! Click on the picture below to see a Windows Media Video: Megan and the Bug - a short seaside discussion with a budding entomologist.

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