Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Domestic ramblings

The process is complete - Allan and I are domesticated. The proof is not the five children or the minivan, but that we have spent the past month working around our place every weekend instead of going places (other than taking Melissa and Maddy to dance competitions) AND we've enjoyed ourselves. That there is the proof of domestication. I NEVER thought I would be doing lawn & garden work and actually enjoying it.

Our place has never looked better around the outisde. We've been keeping up on weeding the flower bed, the herb garden and the Co-op common flower beds that are our assigned task this year. We've planted new bushes as well as flowers in the front beds. We've cleared the brush and branches from the back bed & put down landscaping black cloth and mulch. Allan powerwashed our siding, our concrete patio and the fences. Then he painted the back fence. We've been cleaning our van out every weekend and washing/vaccuming it in the driveway. It's SO nice to drive in a clean vehicle! We also cleaned out the garage.

Cleaning out the garage turned out to be prudent because we have received notification that we are up to get laminate flooring installed in our living room next week and have to have the room EMPTY for much of the week (the actual day/time will depend how fact the contractors are with the units preceding ours). So everything has to be re-located to the garage.

As we had new lino when we moved in - we are not getting the wood laminate in the dining room/hall/office. That's o.k. with us! Clearing the living room of five bookshelves, entertainment centre, 2 computers/desks/chairs, rocking chair, toys galore and my personal moving nemesis -- the evil heavy sofa-bed of doomed backs -- is going to be big enough chore without clearing the dining room, hall closets, and office as well. I've started this today. The coming week is so packed that leaving it until the last minute isn't a practical option.

If I think the schedule is packed now, next year is going to be even crazier with adding college classes and likely more co-op responsibilities. I have been notified that I am being nomiated at the AGM next Monday to be the treasurer for the co-op. (How awful is it that I'm praying they don't elect me!!). It's the hisotrical/natural progression from finance committee chair into serving a 2 year term as treasurer - but the treasurer job is WAY more involved. Worst case IF I get elected - I can resign if it gets to be too much. Best case - it's something the actually would be useful on a resume in the future and mention was also made today of having treaurer/assistant treasurer board members so split the responsibility. So I'm interested to see what happens.

Life is definitely not boring!


sandra said...

you have a lovely family ,enjoy every minute with them & store up happy memories of their childhood '

Sunny said...

If you like you can come do my yard next.