Monday, May 01, 2006

Breaking News!

I have been accepted into UCFV"s Bachelor of business Administration program for the Fall 2006 semester! I'll get my registraton time on May 10 - online.It's very neat - they have all my previous classes/grades/contact info online already! Registration will run from June 1-30th and being a new student - I'll be at the end of the line. Now we just have to pray that my registration time is before June 28 when we leave for Maine!


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David and I talked last year about me finishing my degree sooner rather than later, but the cross-border credit transferring was pending... well, everything... but it's something I've been considering here in Toronto in the short-term, living near the U of T.

Going back to school will help you to balance home life and personal growth in a way that will ultimately benefit the whole family. If I lived within reasonable distance I would help out, but in time hopefully you'll meet other families who might be willing to trade babysitting times with you to ease the load.