Friday, January 20, 2006

The Vertical Mouse

I have been remiss in reviewing this! My father sent out an Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 with Allan, and he installed for me when I got home from surgery last Thursday night.

I admit I was skeptical, but after only several times using it I have decided that I really, really like it. I've battled tendonitis on and off for years, and this mouse really takes a lot of the strain off my wrist and hand. I found that it didn't take very long to get used to it either.

Techno-Baby Maribeth took a little bit longer to get used to it than I did. It flummoxed her for a while until she figured out to run it using BOTH hands together - one on each side. Not that she is SUPPOSED to be using it; she just sneaks in here and likes to play on my computer!

Other tech stuff done this week includes setting up the kids with their own user id's and passwords on their computers with certain sites only bookmarked for them. So Michael and Melissa have been enjoying going online to work on their reading at starfall reading or going onto cbc kids or pbs kids to play games.

Next will be getting them set-up to download photos off their digital camera (our old canon A30 - now left at kid-height for their photographic education) directly to one of their computers and then possibly uploading to their own flickr account.

We also now have an inexpensive computer desk from IKEA so that the 2 living room computers aren't sharing the same desk anymore. Which means they can both be used at the same time.

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LarryandJean said...

I'm glad that the mouse has been helpful. When you said that you had wrist pain while using a mouse after practicing cello, I figured that this might help you. Glad it's working for you.