Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm home!

I'm home!!! Surgery went well after an initial mix-up of the surgeon wandering off with my chart and leaving it an another operating room! He did say my gall bladder was really bad: covered in scar tissue and adhesions with them also being all around it. He did manage to get that all out laproscopically.

Beth did awesome! Allan came home from work early so she could have a nap before he picked me up, but we came home to a CLEAN house (cleaner than when I LEFT IT!!!) with kids all bathed and in PJ's being read to!!! Even I don't do that well.

Maribeth does have a new tooth. I checked! I'm glad that's all it was. Of course now she is fussing because Daddy carried her off for bed.

I'm not going upstairs today or maybe even tomorrow. Allan is setting up the sofa-bed in the living room. I actually slept most of the time in recovery because I got Zofran to counteract the nausea from the anesthesia. They gave me morphine in my IV for pain even though I told them it makes me itch. Then they gave me Benadryl for the itching. So I was emphatically OUT! Now that I'm on just T3's, I am a little more aware.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are home and everything went well!

Make Allan fuss over you for awhile!


Cheryl said...

Allan's been waiting on me hand and foot when he's around. Both him and Beth keep telling me to STOP trying to do things (like unload the dishwasher, do laundry, cook dinner.....). I'm really not used to NOT doing anything.