Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Allan's not going to be home tomorrow either

He has no interent for now. They have him put up in a hotel. The only flight they can get him on (if it leaves as scheduled) leaves Houston at 9pm tomorrow. He wont' be home until probably 2am at the earliest.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

...moving into survival mode, can you offer a prize to whoever finds the TV remote? Everyone all together searching in one room at a time.

Maybe turning the order of things around might help you all survive this difficult day: Is there anything fun (and free!) you can do with all the kids? Maybe a rousing game of Follow the Leader or Duck, Duck, Goose or London Bridge is Falling Down followed by story time with everyone all snuggled together. THEN everyone set to work to do some chores before snuggling in for some storytime on the couch?

I'm praying for ALL 7 of you today!