Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Allan is stranded due to bad weather

I'm sure at some point he'll post the sad story of a day that will have turned out to be almost 24 hours on bus, train, airport terminal, stuck in airplane on tarmac. There were airplane mechanical problems, snow storms, flight delays and missed connecting flights.

However the bottom line is - he's not going to be home tonight. He'll be stuck in Houston, TX. He doesn't know when he is getting a flight from Houston to Vancouver - but it'll be some time tomorrow. He will definitely not be to work on time and it remains to be seen if he will even make it to work at all. I'm guessing he's got stacks of work waiting for him at work.

He also has stacks of projects and things to deal with here. I can't see his desk here for the stuff piled onto it for him to deal with. I've done my best solo but the 5 M's can produce mess and mayhem faster than I can clean it up. On his "home" to do list here:

~ Get our in-house wireless network working again; which is necessary if he is to have any internet access at home. Right now only my machine has internet (see previous post). So if he needs to work from home, he has to fix our wireless troubles first. Who knows how long THAT could take? (o.k., I know he could switch which computer is plugged directly into the interent or work from MY computer .. but eventually the networking issues will have to be sorted out. It'll be like the cobbler's kids family going barefoot. The IT guy's family will go without a wireless network...)

~ The kids broke the TV and the VCR and the door to the entertainment center and lost the remote. (I'm currently resisting urge to run out and buy new TV with DVD player and remote and happily freecycle all VHS videos ..)

~ Since I can't put the kids to watch a video so I can clean up, the general mess level is increasing. I'm working on it - but it's a losing battle. I pray I NEVER have to be a single parent of 5 small children. I think I would go insane. This situation could be solved several ways: (a.) Helping me clean up the hosue. (b.) Fixing the TV or buying me a new one so that I can put them in front of it and run around like mad cleaning.

~ 5 small children who want Daddy time. The twins have been waking up in the mornings and saying, "Daddy here?" When I say no - they cry. They seem to handle about a week with no trouble and then all 5 start getting cross about no Daddy time.

~ They got into his CD's: there are CD's opened, cases mixed up, piles of what has been ripped to the computer and what hasn't has been mixed up. All jumbled in a box and probably some other useful computer disks in there too.

~ The slave flash for his new camera came and is here waiting for him. It's going to have to be checked and make sure it's o.k. (Right. Of course. Top priority that.)

~ Church responsibilities and housing co-op committee meetings and things to prepare for those - that's plan A. (Plan B - practice evasive action .. and prepare the Sad Tale of Woe.)

~ Myriads of other small things here and there - that I just can't get to. Though, looking on the bright side, I suppose I have more time to get to some of them since he's not going to be coming in tonight.

That all said - he's going to be swamped at work too and my gall bladder surgery is just one week from Thursday. I'll be glad to get the next month so behind us.


Anonymous said...

Here, I'll scream with you---Aaaaaarrrgggghhhh!

DON'T Freecycle the videos--send them back with Beth and we can turn them into DVDs.


Cheryl said...

Actually - I had planned for tomorrow a LOT of walking around/2 dance classes. A library trip and a rousting game of "who can get the most cleaned up before Daddy gets home"

Mama Bird said...

Sounds like an excellent plan to me! :-)