Friday, March 05, 2004

Megan & Maribeth - Homecoming!

I be warped mayhap, yet prudent.

E'en amongst the beasts of the field, the wise know it is not SAFE to molest nor in any fashion distress the brooding hen in her nest, nor the she-bear in her den.

And so I did take my leave to post.

Thee hast been warned, but I say again: the hours may weigh heavy upon thee until that time which has been appointed for the links to be made to appear by the maternal grandfather.

Do not be like unto the 5 maidens in the story who did make light chatter and at last gave into their weariness and missed THE WHOLE THING! But be sure to take your rest (for these links will not appear this night) and then keep your lamps trimmed and burning.


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