Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Photos from Maine

It has been a bit of work, but we have got (we hope) the children over their jet lag and functioning in this time zone. Our Maine (sic) difficulties arose out of the children being sick and secondarily from the travelling.

Melissa seems to have adjusted very well. It took her about 2 nights to adjust to the time change. She is put to bed at 8 or 9, goes to sleep between 9 and 10, sleeps through the night, and awakes around 7 or 8 in the morning.

Michael, however, had a harder time adjusting. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then yesterday he would sleep most of the day and stay awake from 11pm until almost dawn before dropping into a sleep punctuated only by feedings.

This kind of schedule made it very difficult for Cheryl (mostly Cheryl) and me to adjust our own body clocks to the local time. After being up all night, Cheryl would not wake until noon; chagrined that half the day was already gone!

So, last night we conspired to get Michael "turned over". We let the boy nap early in the evening, but when he awoke at 7.30 we kept him awake! Michael watched TV, surfed the Internet, checked e-mail, wrapped gifts, loaded laundry, played UNO, and had a late night bath, before we finally let him go to sleep at midnight. The little guy had a feed and then, blissfully, conked!

Hooray! We thought we had the problem licked! Until.. 1.30am we heard a snuffling... pause... then WAHHHH!

I hopped out of bed and picked up the very-awake-boy from his crib beside our bed. I bounced him. I rocked him. I cooed at the child, but there was no abating of the wail. Cheryl ran around the room gathering all the remedies we had on hand in the faint hope that we could resolve his fussiness and get some sleep.

We checked and doubled checked the boy. Diaper -- dry. Hungry -- fed and burped. Intestinal Gas -- gripe water / simethecone drops. Teething -- Tylenol. Stuffy sinuses -- Dimetapp.

At last, the child settled. I bounced him a few more times and then lay him down in his crib. Asleep. At last!

The Vancouver aunt has requested pictures from this coast, so here they are:

A newly waked Melissa and Grandpa on the den couch.

Melissa notices the snow!

The child then discovers her feet are not clad in socks.

Note: the fathers both had bed-head, but were gracious enough to allow themselves to be photographed without great wailing and gnashing of teeth! Ye camera-shy, take note.

We all know the Sweet Baboo is not camera-shy.

Her brother is a bit too young to know about cameras at any rate.

Cheryl asked me to mention that a fellow Swappie, Candace, provided this lovely and sporty ensemble.

Part of the day's adventure involved taking the children outside to enjoy the current weather. This picture shows Debbie, Allison, Cheryl, Michael, and Melissa.

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