Saturday, December 23, 2000

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's just about supper time and Cheryl is napping while the Sweet Baboo is jump-jumping in the jolly jumper. Michael's diaper has been changed and now that his rump is dry and comfortable, he is a most agreeable fellow.

It was a very beautiful sunny day today. The temperature was in the balmy 30s; that is, if you managed to find a spot in the sun, sheltered from the breeze.

We attended church at Brunswick SDA church and then came home to a very satisfying lunch of macaroni and cheese and peas. Thereafter Cheryl determined not to waste the sunshine and loaded a sled, mitts, toques, the children, and I into the Caravan in search of a suitable area to perambulate.

Cheryl decided to brave the reportedly icy hills and curves of Pleasant Hill Road and take us to Wolfe's Neck State Park. We found that the road was dry and relatively free of ice: and so gained the entrance of the park without mishap.

In winter the parking lot of this park is gated to traffic. Visitors must park beside the ploughed road that runs past the gate. We debarked our green vehicle and loaded Michael (still in his car-seat) onto our blue sled. After we entered the park, we decided have Melissa also share the sled instead of Cheryl toting the child in her sling.

We spent about about 40 minutes exploring the empty trails of the park; pretending to be Yukon pioneers with our children and supplies in our dog-sled. We mushed our way over snow covered roots, bumps and hollows, and the small foot-bridges that allow access over the various gullies that run down to the sea.

The trail navigated around the end of Wolfe's Neck point; offering us many beautiful views of the Atlantic in winter. The tide was out all around the end of the point and one was tempted to walk out to the 'island' -- except that we Yukon pioneers had limited daylight and many miles to our warm and cozy cabin.

After we had turned away from the sea we followed the trail back towards the meadows at the head of the bay. We came to a 'T' in the trail. Cheryl told me that there was a trail that led all the way around the park -- this was NOT an option this late in the day -- so we turned towards the direction most likely to lead to our green vessel of exploration. It seemed only a few minutes later that we got to the Caravan and were no longer Yukon pioneers...

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