Thursday, December 14, 2000

A Christmas gift from Gail

Cheryl is behind me with Michael. He is on the floor and Cheryl says that the boy is laughing at her. He has been a very fussy baby and Cheryl is worried that he will be so ill as to prevent our being allowed to board the airplane on Friday morning. Thank-you all for praying for us. We will need all the help we can get!

My dear wife, mother of the boy of happy demeanor, did say that she promised her mother, the GMP, some pictures of the child in our Christmas gift from my sister Gail. And so here are the promised digital photographs:

I had been wanting a PoƤng chair (and matching ottoman) like this from IKEA for a while now. As soon as it appeared in our house Melissa claimed it for herself.

During the photo shoot, Cheryl got this typical Melissa pose.

But all in all, the child was quite co-operative; even to the taking of plan and elevation views.

Meanwhile the boy and I followed the proceedings in a state of great mirth and merriment.

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